Fall 2021 BCYSL Newsletter
Posted Sep 13, 2021

Fall 2021 BCYSL Newsletter

Posted Feb 21, 2021
Season Play Dates:
September 4/5
September 11/12
September 18/19 (Monument Cup, September 19)
September 25/26
October 2/3
October 9/10 (Dalton Tournament Weekend)
October 16/17
October 23/24
October 30/31
Posted Apr 28, 2021

Mass Youth Soccer has released updated safety protocols for players, coaches and spectators effective May 18th.

Please review the new COVID-19 Soccer Protocols carefully.

Additional updates and revisions are expected to take place on May 29th.

2020/2021 Age Chart

To determine your age group, find your Year of Birth across the top and then scroll down that column until you are at your Grade in School.

2020 Fall Season Updates
Posted Oct 1, 2020

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Just For Kicks Newsletter

Week 1 - Follow-Up

There have been a few questions and concerns that have come in after Week 1 of BCYSL games.  Generally, it seems that most of the games went well and the concerns were limited to a few areas.  There are some clarifications to review below.  The initial newsletter with links to all of this information can be found on the second page.

  •  Mask Wearing
      1. Yes, an appropriate mask must be worn by everyone at any soccer activity.
      2. Mask breaks take place at the midway point of each half and at half-time.
      3. Masks must be worn appropriately at all times.  Players must have a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times both on the sideline and during the game. This is a player responsibility and the parent of the player should help enforce this as well as the coach.  If a player is not willing to comply with this rule when he or she is on the field, the player should be substituted off.  It was reported that players did not wear their masks appropriately at a handful of High School and U14 games.  Wearing a mask around the chin or leaving the mouth and/or nose exposed is not appropriate.
  • Spectator Attendance
      1. With the current EEA and MYSA guidelines, players are limited to having only one parent or legal guardian in attendance at games.  If siblings play on the same team, one parent can be in attendance for one child and the other parent can be in attendance for the other child.  Coaches do not count as spectators.
      2. Additional family members, friends or guests, unfortunately, are not permitted as spectators under the current restrictions. 
      3. Some may have noticed that on September 29, the governor announced increased outdoor gathering limits in lower risk, step II communities.  These changes do not go into effect until October 5 and they may or may not impact youth sports.  Once the EEA has provided an update specific to youth sports, we will address everyone with updates. 
  • Indirect Kicks
    1. There was some confusion about indirect kicks being played into the penalty box.  Some interpretations of a “flighted ball” varied.  While the rule remains in place and is the interpretation of the referee, we are adjusting the language to be more specific.
    2. The modified language:  All fouls (other than a penalty kick), throw ins, and corner kicks are indirect kicks.  It is discouraged to play the ball directly into the 18 yard box in the air.  Balls played above waist level from an indirect kick will be considered a violation. Offside rules will be applied for all indirect kicks.  

BCYSL Fall Newsletter 

As we prepare to kick off the Fall 2020 BCYSL soccer season, the league would like to communicate a number of structures in place to allow us to have a fun and safe season.

In addition to the many efforts made across the league to make this season realistic, there are a number of necessary modifications in place that everyone needs to be aware of.

It is imperative that all parents and legal guardians review and keep up to date on the Return to Soccer Activities from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).  Additional materials and resources are available on the MYSA Return to Soccer Activities website.  Highlighted in the guidelines are a number of parent/guardian responsibilities (page 17), as well as, player responsibilities (page 18).  Please take the time to review these with your son or daughter.  If there are any questions feel free to reach out to your club for guidance.  

One of the important requirements to stay within Department of Public Health guidelines is to only allow one parent/guardian spectator at any game.  As difficult as this is, we are under strict orders to keep spectators to a minimum. Specifics of this requirement can be found in the Return to Soccer Activities Guidelines.

Additionally, there are a number of temporary game modifications that will take place this fall that will make the game look a little different.  These modifications are new to players, coaches, referees and parents.  It will take everyone some time and patience as we all adjust to the changes.  It is important to remember that players, coaches, referees and spectators are all required to wear a mask at all times unless there is a structured ‘mask break’ during training or competition.  The league will follow all state mask guidelines as well as the specific recommendations from MYSA.

The number one goal for this fall season is to have fun and stay safe.  We all enjoy the competition that the game brings and everyone is hopeful to return to a game without these temporary restrictions.  This fall season will take the cooperation of everyone involved and will require a collective community effort to get players back on the field, have the opportunity to see their friends and get a chance to play again. 

Have fun and stay safe!

Posted Mar 13, 2020

BCYSL is following all Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association recommendations regarding the coronavirus.

Up-to-date recommendations can be found on the MYSA website.

Posted Feb 17, 2016


On all goal kicks and goalkeeper possession the opposing team must retreat to the midfield line.  Once the ball is put into play by the keeper and is touched by a teammate the retreating team may cross the midfield line to defend.

There is no punting or drop kicking allowed by the keeper.

Coaches and referees are to support and remind the players to retreat behind the midfield line.  The goal keeper may choose to put the ball back into play quickly before the players have retreated to midfield.  
The match official has the right to stop and restart play for any infractions or violations of the spirit of the rule.



The BCYSL board had a discussion with Mass Youth Soccer.  Heading is NOT PERMITTED in U10 OR U12 games.  For a violation, an indirect free kick is awarded to the non-offending team.  If a defending player heads the ball in the penalty area, the result is still an indirect free kick - NOT a penalty kick.



View field dimensions and layouts for all age divisions by click the link below:

2016 Field Layout & Dimensions



No team is to win by more than a goal differential of 7. 

If score differential reaches 5:
U10/U12/U14 – team with the lead must remove 1 player from the field. A Player may return once the goal differential reaches 4.

If score differential reaches 7:
U10 – nothing additional

U12/U14 – team with the lead must remove a 2nd player. A player may return once the goal differential reaches 6.

 Suggestions for Keeping Scores Under Control


MYSA Insurance Information

MYSA Practice Plans



MANDATORY Concussion Training for ALL TC's, Coaches, Asst. Coaches & Volunteers!
Posted Apr 25, 2018

To all BCYSL Town Coordinators, Coaches and Assistant Coaches and Volunteers:

After recent meetings with officials from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) it has come to our attention that all coaches are required to take a concussion training course for the safety of all players.

MYSA has recommended two potential avenues for coaches to receive training, both offered as free online training courses. 

NFHS Concussion Course - requires a username and password, but is easy to use and user-friendly.  Your completed online certificate is saved by the NFHS.

CDC Concussion Course - does not require a login, is easy to use and user-friendly.  Does not save your completed online certificate.

When the course is completed the online certificate should be saved by the coach.

U.S. Soccer Connect and Blue Star have announced the ability to upload these certificates into their system for coaches.  It is the responsibility of all BCYSL clubs to ensure that all coaches are up to date with this training and to collect or manage completed certificates.  

BCYSL reserves the right request concussion certificates or an updated concussion report from any club at any point during the season.