“The Art and Science of Youth Coaching Webinar”
Posted Sep 16, 2019

Mark your calendars for a webinar you won’t want to miss!

The Springfield College Alumni Association is proud to sponsor:  

“The Art and Science of Youth Coaching Webinar”

Join Springfield College teaching legends, Joel Dearing '79, associate professor of physical education, co-chair of the Department of Physical Education and Health Education; Ted France '91, G'93, EdD, professor of physical education, co-chair of the Department of Physical Education and Health Education; Michelle Moosbrugger '00, PhD '06, associate professor of physical education; and Al Petipas EdD, retired faculty member, for an interactive and lively discussion on topics related to youth coaching such as legality in coaching, performance objectives, the culture and emotional aspect of developing children, motor learning and sport pedagogy, building relationships with parents and the overuse of specification.

Wednesday, September 25, 20196:30-7:30 p.m

Make sure to follow us on social media or keep an eye out on your email in the days leading up to the event, as we will provide directions on how to access this real time webinar, including a question and answer segment, from the comfort of your own home!  You will even have the chance to text or email questions in real time to these experts in the field.


Posted Jul 11, 2019

Fall Season - Sept 7th - Nov 3rd

Posted Jun 22, 2019

6/29/2019 MTOC UPDATES from Lancaster!

Congratulations to BH Dash (Grade 5/6 Girls) -Sportsmanship winners in their division!

Congratulations to BH Breakers (Grade 7/8 Girls) - currently undefeated!  Heading to semi-finals!!


6/22/2019. Such a successful tournament day for BCYSL! Many really good games - two of them coming down to penalty kicks!

Congratulations to our Berkshire Cup Winners:

Dalton Warriors 7/8 Girls
Dalton Warriors 5/6 Girls
Lenox Gold 7/8 Boys
Wmstwn Strikers 5/6 Boys

The following teams has placed first in Berkshire County this Spring season and will be representing the County at Massachusetts of Champions next weekend in Lancaster, MA:

Pittsfield Deluce 7/8 Girls
Berk Hills Dash 5/6 Girls
Berk Hills United 7/8 Boys
Wmstwn Thunderbeasts 5/6 Boys

The following teams placing second in Berkshire County this Spring season and also earning a spot to participate at Massachusetts of Champions next weekend in Lancaster, MA:

Berk Hills Breakers 7/8 Girls
Pittsfield Ajax 7/8 Boys

***If you have pictures of the teams mentioned, feel free to send them to scheduler@bcysl.org and we will add them to this article.***

Many thanks to BCSO for all the officiating this season!

June 17th - June 21- Locations TBD - See Tournaments Page for Playoff Information
Week of BCYSL Playoff Games as needed for tie breakers prior to BCYSL's Tournaments

June 22nd - Locations TBD - See Tournaments Page for Playoff Information
BCYSL Tournaments (BCUP & MTOC) with Rain Date of June 23rd

June 23rd - Locations TBD -See Tournaments Page for Playoff Information
Raindate for BCYSL's BCUP & MTOC Tournaments
All regular season games need to be completed for Grades 3/4

June 28 - June 30 - MYSA, Lancaster, MA
Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC)

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Age Chart
Posted Jul 20, 2017

To determine your age group, find your Year of Birth across the top and then scroll down that column until you are at your Grade in School.

Posted Feb 17, 2016


On all goal kicks and goalkeeper possession the opposing team must retreat to the midfield line.  Once the ball is put into play by the keeper and is touched by a teammate the retreating team may cross the midfield line to defend.

There is no punting or drop kicking allowed by the keeper.

Coaches and referees are to support and remind the players to retreat behind the midfield line.  The goal keeper may choose to put the ball back into play quickly before the players have retreated to midfield.  
The match official has the right to stop and restart play for any infractions or violations of the spirit of the rule.



The BCYSL board had a discussion with Mass Youth Soccer.  Heading is NOT PERMITTED in U10 OR U12 games.  For a violation, an indirect free kick is awarded to the non-offending team.  If a defending player heads the ball in the penalty area, the result is still an indirect free kick - NOT a penalty kick.



View field dimensions and layouts for all age divisions by click the link below:

2016 Field Layout & Dimensions



No team is to win by more than a goal differential of 7. 

If score differential reaches 5:
U10/U12/U14 – team with the lead must remove 1 player from the field. A Player may return once the goal differential reaches 4.

If score differential reaches 7:
U10 – nothing additional

U12/U14 – team with the lead must remove a 2nd player. A player may return once the goal differential reaches 6.

 Suggestions for Keeping Scores Under Control


MYSA Insurance Information

MYSA Practice Plans



MANDATORY Concussion Training for ALL TC's, Coaches, Asst. Coaches & Volunteers!
Posted Apr 25, 2018

To all BCYSL Town Coordinators, Coaches and Assistant Coaches and Volunteers:

After recent meetings with officials from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) it has come to our attention that all coaches are required to take a concussion training course for the safety of all players.

MYSA has recommended two potential avenues for coaches to receive training, both offered as free online training courses. 

NFHS Concussion Course - requires a username and password, but is easy to use and user-friendly.  Your completed online certificate is saved by the NFHS.

CDC Concussion Course - does not require a login, is easy to use and user-friendly.  Does not save your completed online certificate.

When the course is completed the online certificate should be saved by the coach.

U.S. Soccer Connect and Blue Star have announced the ability to upload these certificates into their system for coaches.  It is the responsibility of all BCYSL clubs to ensure that all coaches are up to date with this training and to collect or manage completed certificates.  

BCYSL reserves the right request concussion certificates or an updated concussion report from any club at any point during the season.

Letter to All Participants within BCYSL
January 20, 2018

To all Town Coordinators, Coaches, and those who volunteer for the BCYSL,

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits and health as the next Berkshire County youth soccer season is in our sights. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to you for volunteering in your community and helping to support the mission of youth sports. We believe that youth sports, and soccer in particular, present both short term and lifelong benefits to players, families, and also volunteers. Programs like ours rely on volunteers and count on the valuable assets that they offer to their communities.

As a board reflecting on the fall 2017 youth soccer season, we feel that the objectives of the BCYSL are becoming less visible. We want to assist in making the objectives and the mission of the BCYSL easily observable in each practice session and game in which our young players, coaches, referees, and families participate. Our hope is to help each club take a closer look at the objectives of the BCYSL and promote a better understanding of the goals that youth soccer in Berkshire County should aim to attain.

Everyone involved in the BCYSL volunteers because we love the game of soccer, and we see its benefits to all who participate. We must remember that many will continue to play the sport we all appreciate and some will eventually move on to other interests and passions. Therefore, we need to understand that the lessons they will take with them are not only based on “foot position on the ball” or what “off-sides” is, but more significantly based on the deeper lessons of fair play, teamwork, commitment, learning to compete, and how human relationships work. It is important to teach the skills and strategy of the game, and it is important to thrive on competition and success, as well as to learn from losses and mistakes. These lessons are important because they help us put the puzzle of life together; they help us to grow and prosper as humans and citizens and workers and students. Coaches are key in helping players grow and prosper from young individuals into well-rounded athletes. We must all understand that all our BCYSL coaches are volunteers that face the monumental task of teaching lessons and instilling values around sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play that are the pillars to a successful community. This is a responsibility that we also welcome when we volunteer.

In closing, we as an organization in partnership with you, hope to become transparent with the goals and objectives of the BCYL as we look to enhance athlete development and grow our programs. We hope that these goals of teamwork, fair play, growth and development, education about and appreciation for the game of soccer, and most importantly joy in what we do as part of this game, become obvious and evident in all who watch soccer in Berkshire County. Please join us in this challenge and share this statement or your own version of the sentiment of it with your club’s volunteers and families.
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