Just For Kicks Newsletter - September 2018

MYSA Play, Practice, Play:
For any coach interested in some practice ideas.  The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association has practice plans available for individual sessions and for planning an entire season.  Practice Plans from MYSA 

MYSA Workshop Weekend:
For coaches and club administrations interested in coaching education and club development ideas MYSA is holding a workshop weekend on January 25-27.  An outline of the workshop from last year and updates on the events for this year can be found by visiting the MYSA website.

Grassroots Coaching Course:
MYSA is willing to come to Berkshire County over the winter to run a grassroots coaching course.  If this is of interest to you, please reach out to your town board.  If there is enough interest the BCYSL board will schedule a date for the course with MYSA and organize details for everyone interested.

Pregame Fair Play Pledge Reminder:
The BCYSL started a pregame procedure in the spring.  Players or coaches from the home team read the statement to all of the fans prior to a game as a reminder to everyone to support fair play and the spirit of the game.  This statement should be read prior to each BCYSL game at all levels. 

Just For Kicks Newsletter - August 2018

MYSA Roadshow – Tuesday, August 28 at 6:30 pm at the Lenox Community Center.

MYSA is coming to the Berkshires for an informational meeting as part of other BCYSL events that evening. All BCYSL and Town Club board members are asked to attend. All coaches and other volunteers are also welcome to attend.

Topics for discussion will include:
· Update on Mass Youth Soccer Initiatives, Programs and Events
· Soccer Education Programs (Coach, Player, Referee)
· Understanding US Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives
· Risk Management
· Registrar and CORI Submitter duties

The BCYSL coaches meeting will take place prior to the MYSA meeting at 5:30 pm at the Lenox Community Center. The TC reschedule meeting will take place at 8:30 pm at the same location.

The BCYSL coaches meeting agenda is posted at the end of the newsletter.

Local Tournament Action: Please check out the following websites to register and support our local soccer tournaments.

Berkshire Kickoff Classic –

Monument Cup 3v3 Tournament –

Dalton Just for Kicks Tournament -


1. Welcome and introductions
2. 9/8 is the first game date. Coaches were encouraged to check school calendars (graduations), plays, trips, etc. Changes after the coaches meeting are subject to league fines.
3. U10 Rule Change – Build out rule at midfield.
4. Peter Harrison – Blue Star/Stack Sports Updates
5. Clubs should Update Blue Star/Stack Sports with their contact information such as cell numbers and emails...important for questions and cancellations
6. Anthony Pedolzky – Referee Assignor Updates. New Referees. Referee assessment. Referee contact information is available as soon as referee accepts game.
7. Nigel Gayle – Head Referee Updates. Rule changes. Weather conditions... please be aware of procedure. No casts or any hardware. Coaches must wear MYSA credentials.
8. New coaching cards, new pregame requirements to help with ZTP, MTOC credentials.
9. Rosters changes. Make sure that notification has been made before the game...penalties may be assessed if not done properly. Players can be guest rostered at the beginning of the season to avoid last minute scrambling.
10. Coaches only 3 coaches on sideline at a time, all must be listed on the roster.
11. Last play date 11/4/18